C Class Coupe odds and sods + BT SAP units

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Oct 31, 2010
2005 C350 Coupe SE
ok, due to a number of reasons, i have for sale a couple of Bluetooth adapters/cradles. I am now currently using a Genuine MB SAP v3 Cradle and am likely to be sticking with this one so these ones need to go !

These are all for the genuine MB UHI phone kit fitting which is usually located in the centre console and looks like this (image courtesy of COMAND Online)

First we have a Motorola RAZR-V3/V3i UHI Phone Cradle with Bluetooth.

It is fully working, and came in the car when i bought it, so only the cradle and instructions available, no box.

This is a Genuine MB cradle, Part number is B6 787 5868, and is this one here.....
Phone Cradle Motorola RAZR V3, V3i


(Pictures of the actual item are available on request should you want)

Open to offers on this, would prefer to ship only to the UK, the only payment method i can't accept is Pay-Pal as i don't have/want an account with them.

Please note, i don't know that much regarding this, so please make sure it is suitable for your requirements/phone.

Right, next up we have TWO SAP units, Both are genuine MB units.

Because i had a little hic-cup on ebay :eek: i ended up with 2 of these (a v1 and a v2) then just to add insult to embarrassment i found a v3 SAP adapter for a very reasonable price, so, these are now surplus to requirements !
Photographed together for simplicity, as you can see they are both of the 'SLR' styled design. (v1 adapter on the left in the image but looks the same as the unit on the right when the other way up)
Both are complete and working, however they only come with basic instructions/hand compiled guides (electronic files) that i was able to gather together from the internet and from users here (as you may be aware if you have seen any of the threads i have posted in here) they also do not have their original boxes, however i will package them securely.

v1 :- B6 787 5840
v2 :- A204 820 0535 - This one here

I'm looking for £40 (v1) and £55 (v2) for them (delivered free subject to you not living 'offshore' or the *rse end of no-where!) would prefer to ship only to the UK, the only payment method i can't accept is Pay-Pal as i don't have/want an account with them.

Please note, it is your responsibility to make sure this is suitable for your requirements/phone/car ;)

All of these are second hand, but are in good condition showing no signs of damage, and as far as i can tell all work ok.
The SAP v2 I have used, and can confirm they both worked with a Blackberry Pearl 3G (9105)

Any questions please feel free to ask me via pm, that way i will get an email telling me someone has tried to contact me :)

ok, next we have a few bits left over following my recent upgrades/mods

As good as new plastic paddle shifters, removed from the steering wheel so i could fit the AMG ones, if these have been used it's not noticeable !

Part No. A230 821 09 58

Would like £30 plus postage for them, but am open to offers

Next up is the steering wheel i took off, leather, car has covered about 65K i think, so that is the life of this, it's in good condition as far as i can tell, only removed to fit the paddle shift one, stitching is not frayed, no damage, i guess the only wear i could describe is along the top of it, and the leather is a little polished/shiny through use.
Wpuld make a good replacement if yours is worn badly

Part Number: A 171 460 01 03
Manufactured: Feb 2005

Would like £25 plus postage for this one.

Next up a dead pedal, that was bought for me by someone else from ebay, was suppose to match my original studded sports pedals, what turned up is in the images below.... cost £45 will accept £20 + postage if anyone is interested. I can not guarantee this wil lfit a w203, looks a little too wide at the bottom to me, however, as it wasn't the matching one it was supposed to be, i never looked too closely at it !
That's a piece of A4 paper its sat on

Next we have a w203 Gear Shifter Surround, this is the one with the C/S button only, and there are a few inor scratches to the plastic, nothing major, it's just not perfect...
Part numbers on this can't be trusted, as i dismantled it and removed the C-S-M button to use on mine

£5 plus postage

I am also open to offers on these guys, I don't need them and would rather they went somewhere where someone can make use of them.
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Epic thread Resurrection :p .......

I still have all of these parts boxed away, open to offers guys, got to be of use to someone somewhere, only difference is i now have a spare C-S-M button for the shifter surround, and the chrome surround may have picked up a scratch in the box it was stored in, but it's only small
offer accepted for the plastic paddle shifters, so provisionally sold to zenman63

It's been pointed out that the spare CSM buttom i have has a small amount of damage that i hadn't noticed, here's some pics


basically, the "M" has a tiny piece of black plastic missing in the left section of the letter, it's visible in the pictures.
Also, one of the surround clips is missing a section, but if your swapping this for a C-S button, then you could swap the top covers over as well from your original

Basically if anyone's interested in it, i'm open to offers
Another Thread ressurection !!

Still have all of the above items, zenman63 didn't need the paddles in the end.

In addition to those, i now have the following rear LED Number Plate Light Units i don't need......

W203 4D Canbus Compliant Rear Number Plate LED Units, for Saloon Only (these do not fit the Coupe, and probably not the estate either)

They look the same as these, https://www.hids4u.co.uk/mercedes-benz-led-number-plate-light-w203.html

Except i know i bought mine from Ebay, and i think they cost about £15, so.....

I'm happy to accept £10 for them, delivered, provided you don't live in the ar*e end of nowhere or anywhere abroad or incurs additional postage costs, i'd probably send them via one of the cheap and cheerful drop off delivery companies, unless your nearby and we can arrange some meet&collect (west oxfordshire)

Pictures are below, any questions please feel free to ask

Got some other parts now spare......

These are the Darker Aluminium Panels usually found in the Evolution Edition C-Class (203) facelift
They came from my 2005 C350 SE, nothing wrong with them, the odd little mark from general use, mainly around the drink holder section, replaced with wood, so these are no longer needed, £50+ delivery ono

I also have a complete spare front ashtray unit, although it's not the ashtray it's the storage box version with auxiliary power socket, works perfectly, i just don't have any pictures of it to hand, £10+ delivery ono
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Dark Aluminium trim panels sold to RickyKennedy01 for £45 Incl Delivery, paid nice and promptly

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