C Class owners only......

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Recently completed the on-line ncbs-survey for my new car. Overall I acknowledged that I like the car but went in heavy when it came to problems or as MB would put it 'characteristics'' eg. Crabbing. Assume this will find its way to the recycle bin in a back office somewhere in MB land?
Marshalls in Portsmouth changed out my tyres to the All Weather ones on the 10th Nov. since then I've had no trouble with skipping on my GLC at all!
In fact to ride is quieter, smoother and certainly more sure footed.
"Due to the positioning of the front axle differential on right hand drive cars..."


RWD-only cars are not affected.

4x4 cars are affected.

But are FWD-only cars affected as well?
watching this thread with interest as I seem to be experiencing this issue now - 2016 C63 saloon
My w204 rwd does this too at full lock

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