C class w205 seat electrics.


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Oct 10, 2021
Vito 115cdi
There are 2 plug sockets under the seat, one yellow, presumably for air bag, seat belt tensioner and seat occupancy.
The other plug is black and has 4 wires going to the seat. The larger of the 2 wires, Brown terminal 8 and Red/Green terminal 7 provide power, live and neutral, for the 3 seat motors which move the base and back rest using the seat mounted switches.
The other 2 smaller wires, Brown terminal 8 and Red/White terminal 7 I'm not sure what there purpose is.
Heated seat or lumber control? But only guessing.
Any information on thes wires greatly appreciated as would like to try and get the heated seats ( if fitted ) and lumber support (there is a lumber function switch on the seat)fuctining. Is there a air connection under the seats (unable to find one) to supply air to the lumber support or is the air pump in the seat
Seats have been fitted to a Vito 639, cheers George

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