C140 Sunroof Fuse

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Sep 8, 2012
Letchworth, Hertfordshire
1998 CL420, 1994 Ford Mustang Convertible
Hi all,

The date finally came to get the leaky sunroof looked at and, well, its not good.

The pipe that links the drain to the drain tube is just not there - completely corroded away and that's why it's getting wet every time it is torrential rain.

There are repair options but with labour and possible headlining damage I could be looking at up to £1,500 Inc vat.

I've decided, as I probably would never use the thing, to get it sealed so it can't open and can't leak. The place I went to have done this before and the seal will not be noticeable and retain the original look of the car. Much cheaper option and no more leaks.

I am going to also remove the fuse for the sunroof so that if the switch is knocked it can't try and move.

I've identified the "sliding roof" fuse in the boot fuse box but just wondered if anyone knew if that fuse does anything else or is it just the roof? If just the roof, easy remove and no more electrics to the sunroof. But if it's a shared fuse, what impact could removing that have...?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks Graeme,

That's what I've got in the boot on mine - I was more curious to know if it's a dual-purpose fuse at all and there was another function it provided so I know I'm not going to take anything else out of action by removing it.

I guess the obvious answer is to pull it and see what happens!

If it was multipurpose it would be indicated on the diagram and at 25A its highly unlikely. if its a problem then disconnect/ cut + insulate the lead to the motor itself ?
That's what I was thinking - but you never know with these things!

Thanks for responding again.


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