C180 Auto AMG Sport Plus Delivered, Returned 60 miles.

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One thing at a time:

Parking Sensors - Are you looking at the display, they only make noises when you are very close to the item, until then you are meant to look at the displays.

Airbag - needs to be looked at

Brake - Is the hand brake completely off for sure?

Screen & Dash - normal to go off when you lock up?

Media Interace - could be a compatibility issue... one to speak to the dealer about.

Top 4 were all down to a dodgy alternator/regulator which in turn had cooked the battery.

Last one is ongoing - needs a donor Comand unit to aid testing.
LOL, I've only driven less than 100 miles, so I am not best placed to answer that question.

I paid a fair bt more than 26k though, mine is the AMG sport plus, black belts, debadged, no media interface, no heated seats, pano roof.

No worries, we drove one on Friday and really like it. We ended up buying the sport as we wanted full leather should arrive in December :)

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