c180 with 2 probs

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Jul 26, 2011
mb c180
hi i am new here and as most new members i have a problem with my 2000 c180 elegance (actually i have 2 probs)
The first is the most annoying which is that the engine occasionally drops a cylinder when driving. I can be driving ok and then i feel a drop in power i pull over and the car is shaking.When i turn the ignition off and back on again,everything is fine.......until the next time.

my second problem is not as annoying but concerning just the same,its the gearbox.sometimes when i accelerate the gearbox makes a thudding noise only happens now and again but i hope its not a sign its on its way out.
I do a lot of stop start driving and the car has done 117k miles.Its the first mb i have has and apart from there 2 annoyances i think its a great car for its age.
I hope somebody can help me solve or identify why these occur.Thank you.


Sep 3, 2005
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1994 Mercedes C180 classic
Hi and welcome.

With regards to your problem:
1. Get the car to a garage and the fault codes read
2. The shaking could relate to either the MAF sensor failing causing a misfire, it could also be the spark plug leads.
3. The gearbox problem could be fixed by a fluid change

I hope this helps

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