C200 1997 air recirculating vent stuck

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W L Ow

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Feb 16, 2005
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
C200-202(A) 1997
The fresh air intake vent of my MB C200 1997 is stuck at the fresh air (opened to outside air) position irrespective of whether the recirculating button is pressed. The vent could be seen after removing the air intake plastic covers where the wind screen wiper rests. Can anyone tell me how can I free the vent from the stuck position. Thank you in advance. :)
first thing i would check is the pipe to the vacuum 'element' (small box on side of vent) - check this has not come out..

then check that the element works - you will need a syringe or similar thing to make a vacuum - connect to the pipe - does it make the element move?

or its just stuck with dirt - take off the pollen filter in the engine bay (not the engine filter :rolleyes: ) - try a search on w202 pollen filter? - and wiggle it?
The pollen filter in the W202 is located in the front passanger footwell area.
Thank you for the suggestions. I have just removed the glove compartment from the facia panel which allow limited access to the "box" by the air vent. checked the vacuum pipe which connects to the "box" next to the air vent. There is vacuum suction but the air vent does not move irrespective of the recirculating switch position. I believe the "box" is faulty. Is there a way to replace the "box" without removing the facia panel (dash board)?

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