C200 CDI 2009 Maintenance

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Jun 11, 2017
C200 CDI
Hey Guys,

I have a C200 CDI 2009 with around 88000 on the clock. I was wondering for maintenance is there anything I should change around this mileage.

I am planning on servicing the gearbox, change the engine and gearbox mounts and the bushes. Is there anything else I should change.

Thanks for your help.
Has the car been serviced to the manufacturer's spec up to this point?

On a general note (and assuming average annual milage), the change intervals are as follows:

Engine oil and filter - 1 year

Brake fluid, pollen/cabin filter - 2 years

AFT and filter (early 7g autobox) - 3 years

Air filter, fuel filter - 4 years

Coolant - 15 years

Check also here:

Mercedes-Benz UK | Electronic Service Sheet
In terms of checking fluid levels...:

Engine oil

Gearbox oil / ATF

Diff oil


PAS fluid

Brake fluid

Windscreen wash

Battery electrolyte (unless sealed)

Clutch fluid (if manual with hydraulic clutch)

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