C200 CDI Power increase

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Sep 13, 2015
C200 W203
Hi guys,

New to the forum, recently brought a w203 200CDI.
I've been having a look at options to squeeze some more power out of the ol'girl.

From what I've read so far, a remap seems to be the best option and maybe a slightly larger crank pulley. (not sure if this is just for the petrol guys)

Can anyone confirm if the above is a good route to go down for gaining some more HP/BHP.
Or if there is something else I should consider.

This is my first Derv, so I'm not that clued up on gaining power from them.
I'm fairly good when it comes to the mechanical side of things, so I don't mind getting my hands dirty if it requires it.

It would be appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction! :dk:

Yes a remap would be a good start, pulley sounds more for the supercharged petrol ones, I am about to fit a brabus tuning box on my s204 c220 cdi, this could be a option for you if they done one for the w203
I meant if they do one for you, not done lol
Thanks for the input, I might check out some of the tuning boxes as well!

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