C207 Palladium Silver Advice

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Jan 30, 2021
2012 C207 E350Cdi
Hey everyone,

Just picked up a 2012 C207 in Palladium Silver. Looks to be in good condition so wanted to try and keep it looking nice without spending an arm and a leg


So far I have ordered:
  • 2 buckets with grit guards
  • 2 Microfiber car wash mitts
  • 10 microfibre cloths
  • 6 Microfibre car drying towels
  • MATCC Clay bars x 3
  • Bilt Hamber Surfex HD
So I was thinking:
  1. Foam the Surfex HD with foam attachment on my little pressure washer (Bosch AQT 33-11)
  2. Rinse with power washer
  3. Mitt clean using 2 buckets and Surfex HD
  4. Clay bar with Maguires quick detail spray
  5. Poorboys black hole? (Is my paint colour ok for this)?
  6. Wax with Bilt Hamber double speed wax
Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding this. Am I aiming to remove old wax? Are my steps above correct? Products OK?

Seems like you are on the right track, Surfex can be applied through a SF Lance but i would probably use pump sprayer as it is easier to get the correct dilution.

For a prewash use Autofoam through your lance but it would be best to work out the PIR first.

For the Mitt clean just use a good car shampoo BH is good there again.

Claying, remember claying can inflict marring (small scratches) on the paint work i wouldn't clay unless you done a full chemical decontamination (autosmart tardis & BH korrosol) first and was planning to machine polish.

If you were not planning to machine polish and still wanted to clay then use a soft clay but be aware this can still cause marring and you'd be better using a dedicated clay lube rather than a QD as some will leave residue do to the chemicals in them that help them make your car shine.

Poor boys black hole is fine and will make your car look good for a while as it has fillers in it but those fillers are temporary and you'll find you'll need to keep applying it to bring the shine back.

Lastly BH DSW is a good easy product to use and does what it says on the tin you can't go far wrong with it applying it on top of a glaze like Poor boys you may not get the longevity from it but you'll still be happy with it.

If you want to remove the old wax before applying new then a panel wipe or IPA will help you do this.

I hope this helps i was trying to advise based on what you've ordered rather than point you at a bunch of other products.
Id use blue or white poorboys wax and nattywax on that.

Blackhole may leave dark lines . ?
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