C220 rear differential rumble

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Jan 2, 2006
hello, my friend has a C220 1993, the whole car rumbles above 45mph. I got the car on a ramp, took off the wheels and drove it . . . . . . . the rear differential box makes a loud clicking noise and shakes.

anyone ever taken one appart and repaired? Ive reconditioned VW gearboxes befor but never tried a rear diff box.
if you can do a gearbox - then a diff is simple...

You might be better off just fiunding a replacement from a breakers (do a search on here)...

how many miles has it done? Taxi by any chance? ;)
its done 126,000 miles, my friend had to do an emergency brake and swerved to avoid another car . . . . . . he didnt hit anything, but the diff rumbles now.

replacement . . . . . best place would be breakers ?


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