C220D Fuel Pump Leaking?

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Oct 13, 2023
C220D C Class Coupe
Hello, its my first post, and want to thank everyone in advance for any help or advice.

I own an 2016 W205 C Class 220D coupe.

Recently I noticed a diesel / fuel smell in the cabin. Checked the injectors and all dry, no obvious fuel leaks on top or around fuel filter..

The garage replaced the fuel filter, and all seemed fine, drove on the motorway etc. However the smell came back after a few days.

Car went on ramp and noticeably wet on the undertray. And garage diagnosed the issue as a leaking fuel pump.

They reckon it will cost around £3k! as the part is not cheap and the engine will have to come out, so lots of labour.

I am not entirely sure they checked the fuel filter housing.

But I wondered, is £3k for new fuel pump and labour etc right?

Do they need to take the engine out?

Thank you in advance.
It's more likely to be the fuel pipes between the filter and pump. I have a C200d which has rubber pipes, and when I kept getting the fuel smell I investigated and the problem was the crimp clips had lost a bit of tension. Jubilee clips sorted things. You have a C220d, which may have plastic fuel pipes instead. These are known to become brittle and crack with age, also the sealing washers can leak after a while. Investigate a bit further and carefully inspect the pipes between filter and pump, it may save you a fortune.

Welcome to the forum by the way :thumb:

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