C220D Haunted Wipers

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Oct 7, 2002
As no-one would answer this on usenet......

When I indicate right in my '94 C220D, the wiper comes on, in intermittent mode. When I cancel it, I get a burst of continuous wipe, as if I'd washed the screen. When I go left, the wipers switch off.

I'm going to take the combination switch out at the weekend, looking at the Haynes manual its via the airbag and wheel first, so before I take the plunge, could it be anything else, like wierdness in the relay box?

Anyone gotta switch (afraid to ask how much a new one is yet)?
There is a thing called a SAM unit that can cause these sort of problems if faulty. It is a printed circuit board type thing that sits underneath the fusebox/relay compartment under the bonnet of some models and in the rear of others.

Mine has just gone faulty and is affecting the wipers, washers, blower and horn.
Haunted Wipers

Hmmm.... been in that relay before, the indicators started to please themselves, that was a dry joint where the pins were soldered to the board, fixed it after advice from usenet.

Of course now I realise if I buy a new multi switch it'll be the relay!
Must have a look at the relay at the weekend, it may just be obvious like the dry joint was, just didnt relise it controls more that the indicators.

Just to make it more fun, I ve just been out in the rain, using the wipers, and now I cant make the fault happen at all sitting on the drive with the wipers off again.

I'm sure the fault hasnt gone for long, anyone recognise the symptoms?
I had SAM trouble on '98 C200.

It was an intermitant right hand indicator fault. Sometimes fine, sometimes not - would go for ages working then fail.

Think Jimmy has given the best advice.

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