C230K Pulley Machining Down ??????


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Mar 17, 2016
C class c230k w202
Hi all, new to this forum after hearing my gumtree add had made it onto here

In regards to some of the comments, all my cars I have used them on have seen a 3psi increase, it doesnt matter if you do this or the crank Pulley first, which just by bolting the Pulley on made a huge improvement to how the car performed. Also the ecu does not need to be mapped or played around with either in order for this to work, it's simply bolt on and enjoy

If anyone would be interested in one let me know, I've been playing around with these engine a while now and have had some pretty good results so any question just ask and I will help as best as I can, will be posting upmy car and spec list very soon
Got an email pal need to get bk I touch with u

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