C238 E class Premium Audio upgrades

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Jun 29, 2023
C238 E350 Premium & A7 50 TDI Black edition
Good Evening all,

Just wondering if anyone here has attempted to upgrade the standard E class audio to improve it? (2017 - 2020 coupe)

Ive spoken to a local specialist but they wanted £999 to upgrade all the speakers and add a second sub and Closer to £2000 to also upgrade the amp.

Im wondering if I could get away with replacing the centre, subwoofer and door card speakers only? Not aiming for the best audio in the world just an improvement. We have a premium plus facelift E with Burmester which sounds amazing then an A7 with B&O which is just ok id be happy for it just to sound similar to the Audi.

Thanks in advance!

There are various replacement speakers you could fit, from Blam / Vibe / Focal / Elton and others, along with some sound deadening..
There are component speakers in the front doors, two bass speakers, (one in each footwell) and the centre speaker as well as the rear speakers.
When you add them up (the bass speakers are particularly expensive) you will be looking at £700-800..

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