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    I'm getting my 98' C240T ready for the technical inspection (something like your MOT) which is done every 2 years for vehicles of this age. The pre inspection came with some points which need to be done. A**** these points are the rear discs. I removed the wheels and found the discs with some grooves. The discs were changed around 2 years ago with ATE Power discs ATE Brakes -ATE PowerDisc. I also installed the recommended ATE Ceramic low dust pads at the same time. The front discs are still in excellent condition and both front and back pads have plenty of meat remaining.
    I had noticed shortly after changing the brakes at that time that the the rear discs had difficulty removing the protective paint on the faces (ATE instructions said not to remove the protective film and that friction would soon run them in fine. I have flushed with new brake fluid and bled all four corners. The vehicle brakes fine and straight.
    Regarding the rear discs, do you think the callipers are doing there job correctly and are not seized? No traces of binding can be seen or felt.
    Should I change the pads to OE?
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