C250 CDI W204 2010 Cranking but not starting...

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Sep 9, 2023
Mercedes C250 CDI W204 2010
Hi all

I have a lovely C250 CDI sat on my driveway, she's a 2010 W204 however its more of an ornament right now...

I have been away in a developing country for the last 8 months doing volunteer work and left the car with my parents whom made sure to start the car every month and let it run for half an hour or so.

The car ran and drove fine for a few days when I returned about a month ago, but I have since not driven it for about a month again. In that time I have given it an oil and filter change.

I went to start it and it yesterday and it just cranked over but nothing else. It also came up on the dash with a power steering fault message.

I charged the battery in case it was dead and tried again, this time no power steering message, however it still only cranked over and did not start.

I also used my OBD reader unto which it gave a DPF fault of P2436, and an engine RPM of 190 when cranking over.

I have checked the fuses and they seem to be fine.

I have checked the fuel pipes to and from the fuel filter and it feels as though they are stiffening up.

I have disconnected the battery and reconnected after an hour or so.

I have disconnected the DPF sensor.

Still it will not start...

If anyone has any idea as to what I can do next your help would be greatly appreciated!!
See live data how much rail pressure is. If you device is capable of, see if crank and cam sensor are getting sync ok.

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