C250 td engine pinking

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Mar 20, 2011
C250 TD Sport
I have never heard of a diesel engine pinking before. Its something i always associated with bad ignition timing on petrol engines or incorrect fuel.
The car has been doing it since i have owned it and it seems to be getting worse. Just as the turbo begins to kick in on acceleration between 1500 - 2000 rpm it tinkles and pinks until the revs pick up. Its the same hot or cold and regardless of fuel type.
The only mod i have done is to remove the vac pipe off the egr valve and block the solenoid. It runs much better but still the same pinking as before.
Its driving me mad so if anyone has any suggestions i would be grateful.
Either dribbling injector or air in the fuel pipes.
I've cured the air in the fuel pipes with a previous problem by changing all the clear pipes and seals. It seemed to get worse afterwards. I was hoping not to have to get the injectors out, but its starting to look more likely.
Have a read through this thread (post 25), turned out to be the injectors.

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