C250cdi limp mode no Mil light?

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May 30, 2019
C250 CDI AMG Blue efficiency diesel
Hi Team

I know it needs to be plugged into STAR but thought I would test the water here to see if anybody else has experienced this?

Car is 2012 S204 C250cdi OM651 with 131K on the clock.

recently a few times after a short drive the car feels like it goes into limp mode, but no engine light? power is lost and I need to put the throttle fully down to accelerate but will still get up to motor way speeds.

If I cycle the ignition off on, car resets and normal power is restored. For how long? I haven't had time to test properly. Had the car 5 years running mostly 10-20 mile round trips (school runs work etc) with at least one decent motorway run per month.

Any clues?

I suspect you’ll find your DPF is at 400% fill level.
If you get your own code reader you’ll be able to see what’s up. Mine revolved around a failing 12v battery as the diagnosis / Regen history showed “battery level too love to complete “

New battery and a reset of the codes and a good run out with the live data showing and it was sorted.

Good luck
Thanks Sautah

Yep it was DPF related, the DPF pressure sensor was failing. Star diagnosis confirmed. New one now fitted.

Was very strange how I got no Mil light though,

Anyway, big thanks to MB automotive Loughborough.. They are flat out busy and booked up for weeks, yet they managed to fit mine in on a Saturday (when they are officially closed!) And at super short notice.

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