C270 CDI EGR modification


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Jan 9, 2011
I've seen a posting somewhere on the forum about a member that did an EGR modification on his C270 CDI. Why would one do that, more power?

What does such a modification typically entail?

There are also a number of postings regarding inlet manifold flap/servo motor problems. Can someone please explain to me why these flaps may be removed or left in the full open position (servo disconnected from flaps) without any detrimental effect? What exactly is the function of the flaps?

My C270 CDI has a problem with the flap linkages (ball joints) become dislodged and the servo then getting stuck, which forces the car into limp mode. I am therefore contemplating doing a mod on the flaps to lock them in the open position and leave the servo to do do its own thing, but first needs some expert advice.


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