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Aug 29, 2014
Altrincham, Cheshire
C300 Hybrid (W205)
HI guys, I have been trying to arrange a test drive of the C300 Hybrid for over two months, but without success. I will spare you my boring story, but the bottom line is that so far it has been impossible to find any C300 Hybrid available for a short test drive in the North West of England.
While I am still waiting for a suitable car to appear somewhere between Manchester and Liverpool, I managed to test drive an E300, just to have a feel of that engine, and I have been quite pleasantly surprised. The car is reasonably fast and the acceleration is not bad at all for a vehicle of that size and mass. Ideally on a lighter and more agile car such as the C Class the 300 engine should perform much better, but I would rather ask for advice from fellow members of this great forum.

Is there any C300 owner who would like to share his experience? Would you buy that car again? What is the feature that you like the most? And the one that is your biggest disappointment?

Of course, any replies from E300 drivers are more than welcome as well ;-)


Hi there, I haven't seen any on the roads just yet but think they were only launched towards the end of the summer so given the long build times I'd expect to see some on the roads in the coming month.

Have you checked the E300 thread on this board for owner comments, MPG and general hybrid chat? Worth a look on the search function, apologies I can't link to it as I'm using the iPhone app and it's pretty rubbish.

I would have liked a C300 but wasn't prepared to wait or pay the premium over the C250 that my lease company thought it was worth.

Happy shopping.
Hi and welcome!
I'm awaiting delivery of mine in a couple of weeks.
I originally test drove one a couple of months ago in Cambridge and was reasonably impressed. Compared to my current A6 3.0 TDi Quattro, I found the interior very comfortable and spacious (I'm 6'4"), performance seemed very adequate and the hybrid operated flawlessly, so expecting a much improved MPG.
On the downsides, the four pot sounded slightly rougher than my current V6, it isn't a plug-in hybrid and I still haven't received it yet. :)
I saw my first one in the wild yesterday - a white estate version atop a city centre car park in Cambridge. Looked very nice.
traded my C180 coupe in 6 weeks ago for a C300 Hybrid . Bought the showroom model ,Amg line with premium plus package , basically everything except the heads up display and Distronic. I live in the Channel Islands and have yet to test the stated mpg figures , but I am getting around 40mpg in very urban conditions , will be off island in it in the new year, and can't wait to test it out on the motorways of Europe .
Every thing feels much higher quality in this car as opposed to the Coupe ,took me a while to get used to the gear. shift , and push button handbrake, and the screen was a bit of a distraction at first , parking camera is now an asset , and the park tronic works ! overall I am very happy with the deal I got and the car in general .
Sport and Sport plus modes are interesting ,like I said looking forward to taking it away and really giving it a "drive"

Negatives for me , when in town and set in Economy or comfort mode the stop start does seem to clunk in and out very noticeably, can't seem to keep it on the electric motor ,unless you have a feather weight right foot. mini touch pad is a waste of in my opinion , and the lack of a spare wheel is a minor concern.
Thanks everyone for the feedback, much appreciated. I have not been checking too many posts on the E300 Hybrid as so far I have been focussing my research on the C300 (in the vain hope of being able to test one in my lifetime), but I will definitely have a look in the next few days.
On Sunday I will be testing a C250... and try to imagine how the 27 HP electric engine would behave on that car.
@ ianchips, it sounds like you got yourself a very high spec'ed car! I was considering adding the Distronic Plus anything that can help me to alleviate the stress of 30 minutes of bumper to bumper on my way back home (after 1 hour on the motorway) would be more than welcome.

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