C32 Headlamp aim low

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Oct 6, 2005
Poole Dorset
Hi All,
I have noticed in my C32 that the dipped lights do not point very far forward and are quite low.
I have read on another MB site that there is a levelling sensor that may be at fault.
Can anyone suggest any pointers to this sensor or how to adjust the lights.
I had noticed that there are what appear to be levelling screws on the headlamps themselves but adjusting these seems to make little/no difference.
If they are xenons then there are sensors on the front and rear axles. These need to be set-up using a STAR m/c.

It is possible for the actual leveling motor to have failed (rare)

If they are halogens then they are levelled by vacuum controlled by the thumdwheel on the light switch module.
Possibly a pipe come adrift?
Inside the headlamp unit, adjacent to the xenon mounting
Can you see the lights calibrate the level at start-up? whitenemesis may confirm that this car does it too, at least the cars I've had, run lights from the far low and then up to the set level when I start the car (I don't know when the car does it if lights are not set always on). Perhaps the self-levelling motor is stuck to the low position. Would be strange if that was the case for both lights.
Yes, the lights level when the ignition is switched on, not sure as Diesel says, if it does it when the lights are set to OFF.
Thank-you for your replies.
There is no movement at all with ignition off or on or lights off or on!
Does this mean anything?
Is there a fuse for it perhaps?
Adrian, sounds like either the motor or the sensor.

If you start the engine with lights set to auto, either in the garage - or against a wall at night - you'll see the Xenons do their little dance.

If they don't 'dance' at start up then there's a problem.
If it were the motor is there not 2? 1 for each lamp.
If there are 2 then it would seem improbable that both motors are shot.
Is there only 1 sensor?
Where is it located? perhaps it has come loose/disengaged.
On the front and rear anti-roll bars.

The front one is on the right side.
Well with everyones help on here I managed to fix it!
Turns out that the front sensor lever had been pushed such that it had moved into an 'out of tolerance' position.
The picture shows the correct position while the red lines show where it was.
The lights now move up and down as intended.


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