c320 cdi 7-G

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Aug 2, 2006
s204 sport
My car gearbox played up again today!!!! I went to overtake another car and when the car went into kickdown it proceeded to 'kangaroo' past the other vehicle. After this car seemed to go into limp mode and i struggled to go over 40 also car would no longer 'Kickdown'. and revs would not increase. There were no engine management or warnings on the display. I pulled over and turned off ignition and then restarted. Everything now seems ok but still concerned. I have had gearbox flashed twice with latest software and i am conscious of the 'common traits' of this 7 speed box but this seemed very odd. Just before i turned off engine i tried to rev engine and a puff of black smoke was emitted but none since.

Does anyone know if a fault code would be registered or only if display showed a fault? would any code now be cleared if fault now ok.

Warranty ran out today so hope nothing serious is about to happen.
You might be right re gearbox but any thoughts what it might be?
no idea, maybe MAF.. I'm sure the chaps with more experience will be along shortly.
Get the codes read, it should have stored something.
It sounds like the engine control has been upset by kickdown but I doubt he MAF would do this on it's own.
i would be interested to know about the "common traits" on the 7G Tronic gearbox. i am experiencing some strange things on my 280cdi sport and it would be good to see if somebody can second guess them?!
The engines are suffering from shut off port issues atm.
Hi, what does that mean in terms of how the car performs?
A lack of power.
ok, youve definitely hit the button. more specifically, the problem with my one is that it is fine accelerating from 1st gear. however in auto, if im doing 40-50 in 5th and i kickdown, for a second it seems as though im pushing on nothing and the car feels heavy but then the kickdown kicks in but feels all out of sync. biggest problem is accelerating onto a r.about when there is a gap in the traffic. i sometimes get stranded for a sec cos i feel there is a gap to go but that 1 sec delay in kickdown gets me a few horns and glares!!

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