C320 front suspension noises

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Mar 16, 2013
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Hi lads I'm after some help
, my C320 has started to make a loud noise from the front right suspension, it's hard to describe but it sounds like a cymbal being hit really hard but with it being held and muffled at the same time!!!! A lighter rather than a hard mechanical thump...
It has been into a local independent merc specalist twice who can find nothing, he drove with me in the car to hear the noise but still cannot identify it? Has anyone come across this problem before as the noise is driving me f.....g nuts.

Thanks in advance

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Is this a constant noise or just one that sounds over bumps etc?
I'd start with the basics... I had similar and it was the anti-roll bar support on the drivers side that was worn, thus causing the noisy prob.. and very cheap and easy to replace..

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