C350 Coupe (203) - Fault Codes P0810/P0814

Discussion in 'Engine' started by 350_Coupe, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Oct 31, 2010
    2005 C350 Coupe SE
    Had the engine management light come on recently, and from a quick visit to a local garage resulted in the following info (from an autologic diagnostic tool)


    A quick call to PCS, and graham was helpful enough to explain it's likely the auxiliary air pump, used to inject additional air into the intake manifolds during cold start, and was related to emissions control. (thank you graham and PCS, allowed me to travel to nottingham and back without worrying about doing any damage)

    Car is going into local garage shortly for some other investigative work on the front suspension bushes etc (too far from PCS and time restrained right now to travel down) so will see what they come up with in regards to fixing the issue.

    In the mean time, could someone with access to the parts system give me some idea of the cost of one of these auxilary air pumps, and possibly the part number please ?

    This would be for my 55 plate c350 coupe (203) 3.5ltr v6 engine code m272
    if you need any other info, feel free to pm me and i'll supply whatever i can to help

    Thanks in advance

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