C350e Pre Entry Climate Control

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Mar 27, 2015
Kent, UK
Calling all C350e owners.......
Can any of you help please?
Is your pre entry climate control still working via the mercedes me app?
Mine appeared to stop working near the beginning of 2020. It still works via the key fob but not from the app.
I started a query with the app support some time ago but feel like I’m urinating into a gale force wind....
They appear to be able to remotely reset my service interval to their advantage & blame the service agent (They have since reset this to the correct date) but they cannot fix the damned pre entry climate control..... and they have currently blanked my last email.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would be grateful.
Id be interested to know how many others may have the same issue & wether you are using the apple or android app (Mine is apple).

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Purely by chance, I was playing with it earlier today and yes, it still works (after the usual 3 or 4 tries of course).

Interesting re the service date - I received an utterly bogus reminder the other day, mileage was way off, as was the dealer. Appeared to be about 9 months old.
Iam still able to start mine via the app but can no longer set the departure time as the option has totally vanished the app is utter crap tbh
Just looked and mine still has the departure time option. TBH, since I’m retired and the world has gone mad, I rarely use any car now. Pretty much a recluse. Got to wonder why I just spent the last 3 years building another car and just why we have 4 of the darn things now.

Yep, it‘s crap, and they have the front to charge handsomely for it too. I went through a whole thing with them when I renewed the sub for pre-entry and HV battery charge management after the initial 3 year “free” services ended. Their site said you only needed one ‘package’ but it didn’t work. Contacted them, they said, “oh, you need two packages” (eventually, took a lot of back & forth) then they finally acknowledged that the web site was wrong and both packages required. In fairness, they did give me the package for free, but I suspect not many got that. Website was correct last time I looked, meaning it’s £70 odd quid. I’ll not bother renewing any services in future, it’s frankly garbage.

Only thing I can suggest is log a call with the support team. Quick they ain’t, but they will try and help out.

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