C350e pre entry departure time issue

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Oct 10, 2020
Hey new member here hoping someone on here can help me figure this out I have a 2016 c350e which up until recently I could set pre entry climate departure time via the me app however the option to set the time has now disappeared and I can’t find why any help appreciated A5406A3D-A4B1-44B3-A72D-26BEEE1509F6.png
The logic/wording of the recent versions of the app. is pretty confusing for a start. Last time I used it, I had to select start now, then mess with the times. It used to be much more obvious.

Also, bear in mind you need an active subscription to the correct package, although I think it just removes the option if the sub has expired.

Basically, it’s crap and gets crappier every upgrade. I find it works about 1 time in 3 and almost never the first time I try.
Yeah I’ve got the sub took out 3 years last month and all worked fine for that month set my time for the morning and worked perfect but now it doesn’t even give the option to set a Time at all and yes I agree for a Mercedes service the app is utter garbage
My Me app has changed too with the departure time select option now missing. I only bought the car last month and have all subs active. it was all working well until the latest update. Did MB remove this option. I am wondering if when the car has departure times set in the service hybrid menu it disables the app option. will find out on Monday. Would also be nice if you could set the charge time to overnight on the car and not have to rely on the supply side for this.

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