C43 205 Part identification - long shot

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Oct 28, 2023
C43 Estate
Hi all,

This is a long shot but may be easily solved if someone with a C43 reads (2019 S205 however older models most likely the same).
I've a damaged part needs replacing however I can't find any part number on what is left. I've searched through EPC but there are too many possibilities to be sure.
I can add pics later if that helps but i doubt it.

The part (or what is left of it) is black plastic. It's on the drivers side and must have been in and around the main larger coolant reservoir tank. In fact the reservoir tank has a small tab (which has also snapped off) with Two holes that cable ties attach to two harnesses. This tab on the coolant res is not one of it's feet which locate onto the body.

The rest of the part has quite a few cable ties attached holding a harness which is heading back towards the driver in parallel with the wing, these cables might originally be on the underside of said black part so perhaps not visible from normal view point?

Even if someone can post a pic of this part of the engine it may help me identify the correct part via parts store. It's a long shot but - if you don't ask.......

Many thanks
It looks like the plastic gutter that the loom is held in
I don't suppose you've a pic or diagram have you? Like i say i've poked around in electronic patys catalogue but i'm not sure whet shape i'm looking for. Cheers
Might be worth a visit to a salvage yard . Is this item in engine compartment or under the car ?
Its in the engine bay, top left side. I'll have to try searching for 'bonnet up' pics and hopefully i'll get an idea of what it is. I think once i know it's total shape i can then find it on parts store.
Not the best diagram!


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Found this pic online, looks like quite a large plastic part on left hand side of coolant reservoir. Now just need to find a part number!


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You have no chance to find one of the loom holders on its own , only on a new loom , or like the one above that i sent you,,, only from a uk breakers ..
Thanks for sharing, At least i know what i'm searching for now but as you say it's probably going to be difficult to get just the plastic part alone. I'll start searching!
No problem we as members are here to help anyone we can . Good luck in the search ..Try Three Pointed Parts if you cant find it pop on Sat and tell me i will send a link to Bob the owner of the company .
Case closed!. After doing some more work on the car this aft + it being daylight i managed to find a part number. It is indeed a cable duct but fortunately not the one attached to the main loom. Part 40 in the diagram or part number A2055467080.

Thanks everyone who assisted - much love
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