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Jan 2, 2003
Peterborough, Cambs.
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Just thought I'd share with you all that I had the immense pleasure of driving a T '99 C43 AMG yesterday. My cousin has just bought one and kindly let me drive it from Birmingham to Leicester.

Luckily enough, the roads were fairly quiet so I had a chance to see what it could do! The acceleration of that car is phenomenal. After reaching 140mph for a few seconds and losing the bottle to go any quicker, I continued to cruise at a lower speed on the practically empty M69. Total time from the NEC to the M1 junction in Leicester having only taken just under 25 minutes and about £10 of petrol!

I've asked him to bring it to the summer GTG as he lives in SE London but reading the recent post, I don't think he'll be able to make it on a Saturday due to work commitments.

I want one!

Off to check Insurance prices for C36's.......

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