C43 azurite blue w/ xenons (no MOT)


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Jul 31, 2009
As title - looking to gauge interest in my C43. She's got no MOT because someone stole my catalytic converter from my garage: she has the "Olly back section" exhaust, and straight-through downpipes from the manifold.

172K miles, runs, B service about 50 miles ago/18 months. I was hoping to get her back up and going as my car but funds and time don't allow it.

Desirable bits:

Full black leather
folding WM
Original wheels need refurb but have almost new ContiSports all round.
Olly/PCS exhaust mod

The ugly bits:
90 bodywork/10% rust :D

Attempted MOT in February came back as small amount floor welding needed, new pads needed front and emissions fail. Pads fitted so needs welding (honestly I was quoted £40 for this, but I understand your reluctance to believe this!) and you'll have to worry about the emissions.

On the plus side, you can imagine it's noise is a wee bit more V8y than a standard setup.

I'm miserable about selling it so this is sparse, but it is what it is and I welcome your questions. She does drive but no MOT, tax. If you're about to offer me less than the interior + xenons are worth, save both our time. I'll break it myself if it makes more sense to do so.


Cheers guys

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