C43 on Autotrader £4500 Silver

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Sep 11, 2008
Hey guys, new to this site an have to say really impressed, found so many answers already!!

Can anyone help, been looking at a C43 on autotrader (silver £4500 and 73k top of page) and very temped to go check it out. But it seems a little too good to be true. Problem is it's bloody miles from me and i havn't managed to get hold of the seller yet!!

Has anyone been to see this car or know any of it's history, prev owners etc. Any help greatly appreciated - Ed
Sorry mate have tried, but for some reason can't get the link to come up.
Looks like a bargain!
Right finally managed to get hold of the bloke, he seems sound enough but i'm a cautious cat!

Sod it though, got a day off tommorrow and a shed load of notes burning a hole in my pocket. So i'll either come home ****** off with having spent £85 on a train ticket or i'll be manicly laughing like a loon all the way home wondering how the bloody hell i'm ever gonna keep it full of gas!!!

P.S. Anyone know how the c43 copes with normal unleaded or does it really need super?
Looks like a bargain Boydem - good luck. I've run 2 C43s on normal unleaded just fine - super is not necessary.
A dealer is selling another C43 in Autotrader, a year younger, a thousand miles less, an inferior spec, and four thousand squids more.

One of these cars has a funny price or someone really needs cash quick.
These cars are so cheap now! Good news for buyers - not so goo dfor sellers! I'm going to hold on to mine for quite a few years yet...
Very, very cheap good luck. I have always used Shell super, don't know if it makes any difference, i just think it deserves it. :)
It looks like a great car for the money, even if there are one or two niggles - or dare I say it even a medium repair in the near future of some kind.

All of the larger engined cars, even more so AMGs and the like, seem to be going for bargain prices at the moment - it's a talent to pick out a good one amongst all of the tatty/rusty/high mileage ones though.

£4500 ONO says £4k to me, that would be a superb buy as long as it's not too rusty and the gearbox is OK :)

So. . . . .
Did you get it?

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