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    I have managed to put my hands on an official 300km/h AMG dial face to install in my speedometer. I have taken out the cluster but haven't gone any further.

    Is changing the dial face difficult?
    Does the speedometer need recalibrating?

    Thanks for any tips
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    Sep 20, 2005
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    don't fogget to protect dat lil' gem with your life!
    it's like gold.
    it's impossible to find them nowadays.

    face dial is stuck with adhesive tape.
    easy but carefull peel off.
    buy some good quality tweezers from your local toolshop to remove the face plate.

    you should wear thin finger gloves of latex or similar just in case not to leave any greasy finger prints, same gloves doctor wears when he checks your sit 'N' cough manhood :thumb:
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