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Nov 11, 2016
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As a newbie who is thinking of taking my first steps into the AMG world I have been asking 'daft' questions elsewhere on MBClub, here's another one...

While tracking down a suitable old C55 I see references to removal of Catalysers and resonance box and/or the addition/removal of 'X' flow in the exhaust system.

I assume this is mostly to get a better exhaust note (as opposed to any useful power gain), My question is which is which, is it worth the effort (or even desirable) and would one expect to be handed the removed Cat (for future MOT) when purchasing such a car ?

OK , that was more than one question, but any help is appreciated.

I have some videos of what one sounds like from cold with the secondary cats and resonator deleted.

There is a lot of info/posts on the subject to be honest.

It gives it a proper V8 noise, sounds deeper, but its no Subaru chav noise, its fine for driving normally, you get a slight drone above 70mph but nothing major.

Not a problem come MOT time its only the secondary cats.

Get it done.
On my 55 I had the secondary cats and the resonator gutted. That is to say: They were cut open, gutted and welded back together. That keeps the system looking stock for any over zealous MOT testers.

As above: The sound is great but not boomy in the cabin or "barryboy fart cannon" on the outside.

It does not improve or spoil the performance in any way that I can detect.

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