C55 is now even rarer

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Feb 3, 2015
2009 335i DCT
There is 1 less on the road as off Saturday morning.

I was travelling to Telford on the A5, taking my son to his mums house, and a pickup type truck pulled out infront of me turning across the traffic. I had no chance, didn't even apply the brakes. Cant understand how he didn't see me at this junction it has great visibility and my lights were on.

He admitted full liability to the copper on his camera the copper told me.

My son broken his sternum, but hes home now, hopefully will mend soon, and I haven't got many parts that aren't hurting. Sprained ankle and sore ribs being the worst.

It was basically 55-60mph straight into a 2 and a half tonne pickup. In a way I think its lucky it wasn't worse im so glad I wasn't in a small city car. God bless the Merc, from what I remember there wasn't anything left of the front, the car basically started from the engine block, no doubt it saved us the massive lump.

Its not really sunk in because ive been worried about my lad, but I loved that car.

How does it work when the other person is 100% liable. Can I expect a better payout?
Happy that you're both not seriously hurt and a real shame about the car.

A quick word of warning re the other driver, it doesn't matter what he said st the time on camera or whatever he can still retract what he said.
Sorry to hear that, hope you both mend quickly and fully. Sounds like there'll be a claim for personal injury there but get a decent solicitor and not an ambulance chaser ;)
Sorry to hear that OP, sounds nasty and bloody scary no doubt. Staggers me how people can't see a car in what sounds like a pretty clear situation.

Shame about the car as well but that's easier to replace so get yourself on Autotrader and start shopping. :)
Ouch. I'm so glad that your Son and you are recovering. Please do keep an eye on your lad. Delayed shock is very common with these things and be triggered for some time to come.

It does sound like the other party is doing the right thing and I hope that he sticks with that. Was he breathalysed at the scene?

Admission of guilt will not (should not) change any settlement. It should help any process happen without delay.
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I wish you and your son a speedy recovery.

As others have said, you can always replace the car.
Wishing you both a speedy recovery, sounds a nasty accident.
Hope you both have a full and speedy recovery.

As others have said pay-out on the car will be the same whoever's insurance pays but presumably you will have personal injury claim on top.

C63 upgrade time...
Whoa, that sounds like a terrible accident, and could easily have been much worse. I wish you and your son all the very best for a very speedy recovery.
Really sorry to hear about you and your son's injuries.

Hope you both make a full and speedy recovery.

Don't worry about the car, you'll find another when the time comes :)
I'm glad you are both alive if battered and hope you make a speedy and complete recovery.

The car did its job, for which be thankful, and while it is a shame as you loved it, a replacement can always be found. You will hopefully get a decent payout but watch the insurers like a hawk.
This sounds mercenary, but it is not intended to be.

If you have any non standard bits on this car? Your insurance is unlikely to factor them into any settlement figure. They work on book value only (unless you have an agreed value policy). You are better removing them from the car before it goes to the insurer. Experience shows that once they have it in their hands, any mods will not be seen again by you.
Good to hear about you and your son being ok
Thanks everyone for the kind words.

My lad hasn't been great riding in my mums car since, so its a bit of a worry.
Wow, sounds like a big accident and glad to hear you both walked away.

Once the dust settles you'll need to figure out are you insured for replacement value of mods or is it just a regular market value policy. Scour the adverts. Having had a C55 I know you can't be that choosey when doing this as I'm sure there can't be many more than half a dozen for sale at any one time. Pick the ones wit the highest price which most closely match the spec, mileage and condition of your car. If you have them, tell your insurer you have been a fastidious owner and your's is better than average. tell them you have all receipts and service papers, MOTs etc. This will add value.
I'm expecting to be shafted by the insurance as that's always the case, but we will see.
I'm expecting to be shafted by the insurance as that's always the case, but we will see.

Unless you have an agreed valuation don't wait for their offer. Get on the front foot, send a pdf of all the paperwork to show a great car and start collating the adverts now. Print them so you have them date marked too. The get in with a number before they give one to you.
Sorry to hear this, and glad you and your lad came out of it without serious injury.
I hope you don't lose out financially too. Fortunately, cars can be replaced, children can't.

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