c63 amg coupe calcite white - Need Pics

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Dec 13, 2011
Hi guy's

I'm thinking of a c63 amg coupe in calcite white with the black 19" alloys, does any know if anyone here has any really good pictures of one.
thanks, seen that one already, i'm trying to work out which i prefer, diamond or calcite, i think the calcite for me looks more mean
If you are factory ordering then it you may want to check out the new white?
what !

I spoke to the dealer today and they never mentioned it, do you know anything about it ?
Calcite is being replaced with polar white.

Along with the model tweaks / MY13 year change.. All builds as of June.
ok, now i'm worried, i have more or less placed a order today, i'm not too fussed about the colour however what are the model changes? I'm sorry to be a pain is there anyway you let me know what the model changes are ? or a link or something ?
there is a thread or 2 running already... use the "new posts" button and you will spot it...
Hi Paul,

from what i'm reading there are no changes to the c63 coupe, its for the other models, am i correct or wrong ?
I would check with your dealer..... and if they don't know find another one that does...

I would expect the 63 will adopt some of the changes.

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