C63 amg Legacey?? viper green

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Mar 27, 2010
c63 amg ppp
Has anyone heard of this c63 legacey which only 10 right hand drive versions in vipoer green were made and shiped to south africa??
Search the Internet for "C63 Legacy".

Quite a few results come up concurring with you.

I've not heard of it personally.
Can you provide any links? I am intrigued.
Wouldn't surprise me, Years ago Ford sent V8 piranhas there (I believe the Europe ones were V6) I think one was a Capri and the other a Cortina. They also built the 'Cortina' based pick up truck there (P100 ?) and slapped a 3 litre V6 in it ! it was brutal in the wet, no weight to the back and no fancy diff or electronics to stop it spinning its wheels or going sideways all of the time.
They just look like a green 507 looking at the pics on google. Didn’t know they existed until this post tho I must say. Why South Africa though?
More to the point, for those of us with taste, why that colour?

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