C63 AMG PP S204 Previous Members car!

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Apr 1, 2024
c63 AMG PP S204 Estate
So I needed a "sensible" daily driver as ive got a baby due in July and after previously owning a w204 c63 and having recently sold my b7rs4 saloon I felt a return to a c63 would be a good choice. Truth be told I always had unfinished business with this car as my old one was non pp and non lsd which I really think held the the car back!
I believe it was a members car on here Gilly also from Scotland which is cool!
Pictures are from my drive home from London on Saturday. The only issue I have with the car is a very loud power steering pump at low speeds so ive got a new ps reservoir and fluid coming from merc as my last car done the same and this sorted it (hopefully not the pump)


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Welcome to the forum, how does it feel to be back in an AMG?

Thomas didn’t have it long did he?
Hes a bit like myself and likes to change his cars a lot if I keep a car 6 months im doing well! Hes got about ten, including some really nice American stuff so spoiled for choice! It feels great a lot more exciting than my b7 rs4 due to being rwd, maby not quite as engaging due to the automatic but perfect for what im after.

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