c63 AMG S struggling for tyre sizes

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Oct 12, 2015
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I purchased a 2017 C63 AMG S earlier in the year from Mercedes and the spec sheet states it has 19" AMG alloy wheels 5-twin-spokedesign alloys. It currently has Pirelli 285/30/19 tyres on the rear. After reading good reviews and having them on my old M3 I am wanting Michelin PS45's. I am struggling to get 285/30/19 and wondered if the current tyres I have are too big as the 265/30/19 seem readily available for the rears. When I type my number plate in various websites i.e Asda tyres and kwik fit I get different sizes for the rear tyres.
Just typed my reg in black circles and it reckons my rear wheels are 265 not 285. The 265’s are cheaper but no good obviously if they don’t fit.
Just thinking outside of the box here, you're basing your findings on the reg of the vehicle. Could you're recently purchased car be wearing plates from another, and that Black Circles are not using the latest software ?

Just a thought .......
Doubful Andy. I bought in March and i am putting my private reg in and it comes up with c63 AMG S.
The correct size is 265 35 19 rear
245,35,19 front readily available
I went with 1 size wider on the rear with my new wheels ie 275,35,19 MPS4S
Fronts are Mo1 also


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Hi , what size tyre is shown on the fuel filler cap ?
Just looked and just gives pressures not sizes.

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