C63 amg W/S204

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Nov 9, 2018
2007 E63 AMG
After 3 and a bit years of ownership iv sold my E63 w211 and am on the hunt now for either a saloon or estate facelift C63 amg.

Ideally i dont want the red or red/black leather combo
Ideally not black but if the right car come up i could be persuaded
Would like the Harmon Kardon stereo
Looking for as good a history as possible (obviously) but im a bit reserved when it comes to dealers as iv had in the past issues with them promising the earth, arriving to view the car and it isnt as described

Currently on the lookout on autrotader and ebay but if anyone here is thinking of selling up soon give me a holler

Thanks :)
Decided to sell mate?

What's next?
l don't want to sell it, but due to an awesome project at work, it looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of commuting between London and Corsham/Bristol rather than the usual train into central London. I have toyed with the idea of a second car, but we literally would have no use for it as our car currently is mainly used on a weekend. It's a bit annoying though as in the last year I've spent a fair bit on preventative maintenance as the car was going to be a long term car.

I have no idea yet what to go for as it would be governed a little bit by the sale of the C63. Part of me wants a BMW 340i Touring as I read those B58 engines can be a great balance of performance and economy, but then the other part is thinking, there is no joy in those kind of long commutes, so do I get a soul destroying eco wagon of some sort?

Decisions decisions.... 😢

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