C63 AMG W204 FL Caliper clearance advice

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Sep 19, 2023
C63 AMG W204 Fl
Hi all

Note: I have searched many threads on here and via google with alsorts of yes/no answers with varying reasons, hoping to get some more local C63 AMG knowledge from here.

I’ve had a new set of wheels delivered for my FL C63 AMG W204 and I’m having a dilemma around the wheel spoke and Caliper clearance, it’s around 1mm!

Wheel spec: Japan Racing SL-01
Front 19x8 ET34
Rear 19x9 ET44

The rears are absolutely fine and come out 10mm more as expected, but the fronts whilst they are 12mm (or so) further than oem 19 rims due to the style of the wheel and arch on the spokes they sit very close!

I can slide a debit/Clubcard between the gap with a light push (will not fall on its own) and the wheel spins freely off the ground without contact, I’ve moved the car around 10meters forward and back including turning and all “looks” ok.

My concern is wheel spoke flex and/or any other concerns as from my reading most brake companies advise 3-5mm clearance as advisory but some cars come even closer than mine is from the factory, could someone please offer your opinions or real world experience on the c63 please?

Am I going to need a 3mm spacer or can this be run as is? - I wanted a proper offset of 10mm further out at a minimum to avoid spacers and was advised this would fit from the supplier based on their calculations and rim knowledge.. waiting to speak to them tomorrow when they open.


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I'd fit a minimum 5mm spacer on those front wheels.
Check the bolts are long enough if you do.
Thank you for the response

Whilst 5mm hub-centric would be the ideal choice, wouldn’t this be to much offset (potential rubbing) or potentially look a little odd with the rears being their current offset too?

3mm seems the smallest but not hub-centric.. I’m on stock suspension, potentially coilovers later but I can always set the heigh to suit.
Put a spirit level inside the wheel arch and measure how much room you have if you fit a 5mm spacer. I doubt you'll notice the difference between 3mm and 5mm visually.
I wouldn't put on any other spacer than a hub centric personally.

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