C63 designo mystic blue

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Yeah - nice. I like it. Makes a change from all the usual black and silver ones.
been for sale for a while that car, and i think its been dropped in price too
Nce car, but not sure about the colour TBH. :dk: Maybe it looks better in the flesh.
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Lovely colour, but not 100% sure on whether it suits the aggressive look of a C63, to be honest. Tenorite Grey would be my choice.
I am biased ... but designo mystic blue is a lovely colour :)

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note sure about colour too.
Given the likely £15k depreciation over the next year, colour may be critical if you intend to change in 1-2 yrs.
note sure about colour too.
Given the likely £15k depreciation over the next year, colour may be critical if you intend to change in 1-2 yrs.

On the contrary, I think this colour will make it more desirable as it's more exclusive. Let's face it, despite what some people may say on this board about the proliferation of C63's, they're still like hen's teeth in most places, I've only seen 2 myself on the road in the past 6 months, so the value certainly isn't going to drop by £15k in a year, possibly £10-12k in 2 years.
I've been considering this car for a couple of weeks actually, and one of its attractions to me is the colour which adds to its exclusivity, I wouldn't envisage it adversely affecting the price when I come to sell it on.

I just wish the pictures were larger, you can'y really get a feel for how well the colour suits the car with those tiny pictures. Most dealerships have the option to look at the pictures full screen, this is very frustrating. If I lived anywhere near Brighton I'd be down there like a shot to see it in the flesh, but Brighton is probably one of the most remote dealerships to me.
In response to the question raised by the way, with the above proviso regarding the size of the pictures, from what I can make out the colour looks stunning and would be a selling point for me personally.
one of the best colours around, and different like others have said, lovely motor
£56K on 6K miles how much would that have been new?

This sounds good for over 10k less...


Looks like a very nice car, there are possibly a few reasons for the difference in price:

1) the cheaper car doesn't have the PPP which is around £5k option
2) the designo paintwork is another fairly expensive option, don't know the exact price offhand, but probably £1500, I'm sure somebody on this board will be able to give an accurate price for this option
3) the main dealer car is on a '60' plate rather than a '10'
4) Main dealer markup

Some of this may be offset by what seller of the cheaper car calls 'special order silver ivory AMG leather', but I'm not sure how much this would cost so can't comment.
You mean that C63s don't all come in White and black?:p

Seriously, it is nice to see one in a different colour, it surprises me that you don't see more AMGs with designo to be honest.:dk:

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