C63 facelift conversion

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Oct 9, 2014
10 C63 Estate
I am currently sourcing parts to do the facelift conversion on my '10 c63.

What sort of prices should i be paying for parts? Been quoted 750 for the complete front bumper assembly. Still trying to source headlights and a bonnet.

I think this is all the physical parts i need. Possibly an adaptor for the headlights.

Any info is great.

I think lee C63 has done this i am sure someone will be along to help you at some stage.

Cheers tony.

Iv heard physically its all easy, but the headlights can be a bit of a nightmare and require quite a lot to get working
Lee has done it on his and it wasn't as straightforward as he was hoping mainly, as you correctly state, the lights and wiring. He got it sorted by Richard at COMAND, though it was a bit of a mare apparently.
Yeh after reading more and more into the lights debacle, as much as i want to go OEM, the hassle for me isnt worth it.

Now to find a reputable place for knockoff facelift headlights designed for the pre facelift!

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