C63 fuse box help !

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Jun 14, 2017
Hey all,

Been nearly a month since I bought my c63. Thought it would be wise to have a dash cam stalled. I ended up buying the Blackvue Dr650s-2ch and power magic pro.

I understand the fuse box is under the bonnet but a small section in the right hand side of the boot. Seems the dash cam worlds when powered by the 12v slot in the front.

Does anyone know which fuses to replace the constant and the accessory (ignition on) for the parking mode.
Tried my level best but cannot get it running, spent 3/4 hours in 30'C.

Any electricians out there, please help me out !

The fuse box you need is in the boot, on the drivers side. You'll need to run the cable from front to back of the car
Thanks, just read this and went in the garage to try it. No luck


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I've basically powered the constant power to the battery because the fuse box in the boot has no constant fuses (all of them under the bonnet), and the boot fuses are all accessory fuses. Technically any should work but it doesn't power on the dashcam - has anyone used this dashcam and pmp?
It's driving me mad !
Hi nav8, I powered a two channel blackvue to my w205 not long back using a power magic pro hard wired to the fuse box in the boot, works perfectly no issues. I did a step by step write up so if you check my posts you should be able to find it and hopefully it will help you.

Thanks Hamamt,

Will go through this shortly to see if I've done anything wrong.. Will post back regardless of the outcome.
Just read your thread several times, everything j did is the same apart from the fuse testing part. I have my doubts with pmp being a faulty unit so will be trying a friends whose pmp is up and running just to see if it is. If it's not I shall order a fuse tester and incorporate that step to try and find out what the issue is.

Thanks again for everyone's help. Will post an update on the weekend.

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