C63 has odd glass in wing mirrors

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Jul 30, 2017
Colchester, Essex
C63 Coupe
I've just noticed my C63 has odd mirrors... Driver's side has auto-dimming glass, and passenger side doesn't. Still have the triangle blind-spot light in both, and both have that sectioned off curved bit at the end.

Is this normal or has one been replaced with the wrong mirror at some point?

Thought it might be a weird Merc thing like the odd mirrors they put on a 190e etc.
Passenger side never has auto dimming glass, only drivers and interior.
Cheers! It's been bugging me. Just weird Merc designs then.
While we're on the subject.. what's the deal with the odd mirrors on the 190E and other Mercs of similar year? That annoyed me when I had mine, to the extent that I was going to but a LHD driver's side mirror, just to get rid of that weird square one.
Not really weird design.

I think the reason is so its easier to see cyclists that may be approaching up the inside in dark conditions.
Just weird Merc designs then.

I think it's touches like this & the different sized mirrors that set Mercedes apart from nearly every other car manufacturer. They really think things out to ensure the best & safest designs are built into their cars. Nothing weird about it.

I believe that the odd shaped mirrors were designed that way for maximum visibility as convex glass was pretty much in it's infancy in the late 80s. They certainly keep you on your toes as the drivers one in particular takes you back to biking days with "life saver" checks over your shoulder before committing to any lane changes as the view is very limited.

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