C63 / S500 coupes

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Jul 15, 2012
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Friend of mine is trading in his m6 for yet another overpriced Beemer. I'm trying to convince him to try a merc, his budget is a very healthy one, I've shown him the c63 coupe and the S class coupe, he likes both, there's a few engines to consider in the S. What's the general consensus must haves and what are the big pros and cons of both models if any? He will probably spend anywhere up too £90k, he'd have ex display if the right car.
At that budget I'd be suggesting your friend starts to think outside the box and look at some of the non German brands if he want's a car which is going to excite him.
I'd save a few more quid up and get a 991 turbo. Ideally an S. Ultimate weapon and German build and luxury
He bought the M6 when the then new model came out, it was possibly the first on display without even a test drive! He's always had beemers as long as I've known him which is 12 years. He's a big guy so needs a fairly big car, he likes big, solid sports coupes and convertibles. He doesn't want an out and out 'sports car' and he isn't overly 'flashy'. He hates 4x4s, wants rear seats and decent boot. These reasons lead me to suggest the c63 or S500....there are of course many other options I just wanted to hear some thoughts on the said two models...

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