C63 W204 Drive problem

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Jun 9, 2023
2014 c63
Hi Everyone,

I went to get the car alignment done today but ran into a problem where the car was just revving not driving forward, I selected reverse and drive a couple of times and everything was fine for the trip there and back (around 45 Miles) gave it plenty of beans there and back and was driving fine.

I've left the car to sit for 5 or so hours and just tried it round the block and its doing the same barely driving forward, its like having a slipping clutch on a manual car.

There are no lights on the dash but my friend is going to lend me his scanner tomorrow in the hope it brings something up but I'm sure its going to be a specialist job.

Has anyone else had this before ? I'm booked to go Germany in a couple of weeks and I'm panicking .
Just looking now and I have one from 2017 31k and was oil and filter changed.

I cant see more so I think its only been changed once......
I'd save that service kit until you've checked the oil level.

I'd also make sure you properly read the fault codes - with something than can read all the gearbox codes fully.

Low oil maybe but unfortunately sounds to me like a problem with the MCT (torque converter replacement).
Hi guys just an update.

I followed the procedure and changed the transmission fluid with a new filter and bolts and ran it to 45c and then let the excess oil out.

Its shifting totally fine now, the fluid looked ok but the sump and old filter was quite dirty.

I also changed the oil and filter in the engine at the same time, but its now developed another fault that I never noticed before. When accelerating hard I get a weird whine like a supercharger type sound. It was very noticeable on the first drive but hardly there now.

I'm not sure if its just me being looking out for every sound it makes thinking there's a fault but definitely never noticed it before.

Any Idea's ? I should be going Germany Thursday but wondering if I should take it now.

Thanks everyone.

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