C63 W204 squeaking whilst driving / turning

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Mar 11, 2023
Hi all,

Hoping for some advice. My new to me 2013 C63 has started making a squeaking / squealing noise whilst driving, and especially bad when making left turns.

Video is attached for reference. Left turn is at the 1:05 mark so you can hear the difference from normal driving.

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I’m leaning towards it being a control arm issue, however has anyone else faced the same?

Yes, I get that on my W208 rear left. I haven't figured it out yet.
Go and buy 6 spray tins of silicone . Visit you local garage,withe your cap in hand . And ask them to spray every rubber item in sight under the car .. I was lucky they let me use the 4 poster at my garage . Get the garage to spray all the rubber bushes, and gaiters because rubber will dry out over time.This will solve the squeaking . The wet weather and now its a bit dry the bushes have dried out after the winter ...And if it is not that, at least you will know, that the rubber bushes will last another ten years or more now.

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