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Dec 28, 2020
C63 W204
Hey everyone, I drive a C63 AMG W204 2012 & have recently had the car diagnosed with a crankcase oil leak back in September by an experienced Mercedes specialist whilst the car was being serviced. I got the car in May & (stupidly) took out an RAC warranty platinum plus warranty. My garage spoke to my warranty & the warranty asked for evidence pictures of the engine opened up to explain the leak before they would let me know if they’ll cover the cost of the repair. I had the engine opened up (£1000 before even fixing the repair that the warranty wouldn't even cover even if they did pay) & the mechanics took the pictures needed. Before sealing the engine back up the pictures were sent to the warranty company to where the mechanic explained that it isn’t an age or mileage issue where these leaks occur. The repair was then carried out whilst the engine bay was open with the fear the warranty wouldn't approve the job and I'd be another £1000 down. Basically the Mercedes specialist mechanic explained about why the leak occurred and what he did to the RAC mechanic who clearly had no clue what he was talking about and said that they would not cover the repair. Unfortunately I was expecting this after only last week reading the shocking horror reviewing and how they have 88% 1 star on trust pilot & how stupid I was to take out a warranty with them when I brought the car from a dealer on may 29th 2020. The warranty will not pay the £2000 repair for the crankcase reseal. They wouldn’t even cover the front drop links that needed doing however in my terms and conditions it does not state anywhere about not covering the repair that’s needed but it does say it covers all mechanical parts that fail to perform their normal function. I know these warranty companies are nasty to deal with but I don’t want to roll over with this especially as I paid £699 for two years directly from the dealer. I'd also like to note that someone had seen that my car was registered on 26/06/2012 which meant that I had my car warranty was started and 27 days later technically meant that my car was over 8 years old so does this mean that the garage have technically miss-sold me warranty due to warranty not covering anything over 27 days making my car over 8 years old. - I say this because in my terms and conditions from RAC warranty it states '' -included and excluded parts - All mechanical and electrical parts other than as stated under excluded parts (crankcase reseal or upper reseal/oil leak fix not on excluded parts)
below all mechanical and electrical parts are included for failure to perform their normal function on the vehicle (provided that at the time of the repair request the vehicle is less than 8 years old and / or has covered less than 80,000 miles together with:''

Cars done 59,000 miles.

I will also note that I haven't got a reply from RAC yet to as why they won't cover the claim.

I brought the car on May 29th and the dealer assured me with the warranty and that it would give me peace of mind over expensive repairs.

Has anyone had any experience with RAC warranty/assurant who seem to be linked with RAC. I’m looking to go down the trading standards route then possibly small claims court. Another thing I’m seriously disappointed about is that the fault was discovered on the car 3 months & 2 weeks after I purchased the car from the garage that assured me to take out the warranty & that it will cover anything mechanical to give me peace of mind incase an expensive bill pops up.

Thanks for reading. Admins - I hope this is alright. Just looking for advice from other people who may know how to help or have been through the same before.

Apart from my belief of aftermarket warranties being total trash I have not heard of any aftermarket warranty covering oil leaks. You would need to look at your terms and conditions more closely but here:

Under the RAC platinum plus section right at the bottom it says:

“External oil leaks are specifically excluded. It is recommended that you check your vehicle’s oil level on a weekly basis.”

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