C63 winter tyres (204)

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Aug 28, 2016
C63 Estate Edition 507

Sorry the forum search is not working for me.

Can someone please let me know the C63's OEM winter tyres (Make/model/size) - for 18's. I think they are Continentals?

Weather is on the turn!

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Any premium winter tyre does the job buddy
I have various threads on tyres from the past, I run Vred's for winter on 19's.
Have a look in your manual, it will tell you which size is recommended for winter tyres. As suggested, any premium winter tyres will do a good job, go for whichever big name you can get the best deal on. I used to run Michelin Alpin on my C-class which were very good, and Continentals on our MLs, again very good.
I went from ContiSport 5P's on my C205 C63S to the ContiWinter TS830P's this winter, which are so good I barely noticed the change except that the level of grip is now very high in cold temps, as opposed to borderline treacherous.

My C204 C63 was a pain when it came to ordering winter tyres as I could never find them in the right size when I came to order, but the torque was a bit lower in the C204 and the tyres able manage the lower temps better (with some care).

I suspect you'd find the TS830P's a great tyre. I did some reading up on winter tyres before making the switch and they had very good reviews.
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