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Jun 1, 2002
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I was just calculating a few days in the calander (yes I'm excited about the GTG) anyway guess what I noticed...

FEB and March 1 '03 = Sat
FEB and March 2 '03 = Sun
FEB and March 3 '03 = Mon
FEB and March 4 '03 = Tue
FEB and March 5 '03 = Wed
FEB and March 6 '03 = Thu
FEB and March 7 '03 = Fri

etc etc etc all the way to

FEB and March 28 '03 = Fri

what's this mean?

Glitch in the space time continium
November the same....guess I have too much time too
There are 28 days in Feb, which is exactly 4 weeks, so unless it's a leap year (when Feb has 29 days) the days will be transposed perfectly between Feb and March. So there. :)
I was about to reply you beat me to it SHUDE

Emmm So how do we explain November 2003?
Any ideas. I suppose if we start from march.... any month over 28 days = ie 30 or 31. add either 3 or 2 up to November and the number of days we be in 7 or multiples therof. Thus the same day falls on 1st .

I must be MAD!

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